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The LG brand of home appliances is well-known for their large capacity washers and dryers. The patented WaveForce technology created by LG provides rapid drum movement and powerful washing and rising. LG washer and dryers are reliable laundry products that you can count on. The Direct Drive Motor uses few moving parts and operates efficiently. Besides manufacturing Front Load Washers, LG also has a full line of Top Load Washers as well as a full line of LG Clothes Dryers.

Paul’s Washer and Dryer Repair recommends LG dryers for their superior drying. LG dryers utilize a sensor dry system measuring the moisture and humidity levels during the dry cycle. This technology ensure that you get dry laundry. LG has developed the ReduceStatic™
 option that virtually eliminates static cling.

The LG brand of appliances offer several color choices to complement any home décor and allow homeowners to add a touch of style to their laundry room.  No to mention, special cycles for the way you want to wash. Select a specific load type from an extensive list of specialty cycles and water temperatures, spin speeds, and wash programs are automatically adjusted to provide the correct care for that load type.

At Paul’s Washer and Dryer Repair, we use only authentic brand name LG replacement parts. Our experienced and skilled repair technicians are trained to know every inch of your  LG appliance. We are confident that we can identify the problem to be able to fix your broken washing machine quickly, efficiently and affordably.

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The highly qualified washer and dryer technicians at Paul’s Washer and Dryer Repair have been servicing and repairing  LG washing machines and clothes dryers since our company began over 30 years ago.

Guaranteed and reliable, Paul’s Washer and Dryer Repair will perform a Multi-Point  LG Inspection to diagnose and fix your broken laundry appliance. Depending on the problem you are experiencing with your particular  LG washing machine or dryer, we may even be able to provide you with a diagnosis and estimate right over the phone.

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LG Washer and Dryer Repair in Las Vegas and Clark County

When a washer or dryer doesn't work properly, it can feel like the end of the world with all of our dirty clothes piling up. Paul’s Washer and Dryer Repair makes on-site repairs in the Las Vegas and Clark County area, so there is no need to move the appliance.

Simply schedule an appointment with Paul’s Washer and Dryer Repair and one of our experienced and highly-qualified repair technicians will be at your door to fix your washing machine or dryer in the comfort and convenience of your own home or business.

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Paul’s Washer and Dryer Repair are experts at LG Appliance service.

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