How to Choose a New Washing Machine


With over three decades fo hard-earned experience maintaining and repairing home appliancesPaul’s Washer and Dryer Repair are experts at knowing when it’s time to replace your washing machine and have the expert advice on what brand and model is best for you and your budget. Read below for helpful hints on how to choose a new washing machine.

Purchase Cost vs Efficiency

In our experience, most top-loading washers that cost less than $500 don’t wash as well, use more energy or water, don’t hold as much, or are tougher on laundry than more expensive models. Furthermore, an inefficient machine can cost an added $130 or more to operate per year than our most efficient models.

Front loaders, in general, are the better types when it comes to energy and water use. Front-loading washers fill only partly with water. They clean clothes by lifting them to the top of the tub and dropping them back into the water. They work best with low-foaming, high-efficiency detergent.

Front-Loaders vs Top-Loaders

The best front-loaders clean better and more efficiently than the best high-efficiency top-loaders, without necessarily costing more. Most can handle a 12- to 20-pound load. Better moisture extraction in the spin cycle reduces drying time and energy consumption. As a group, front-loaders tend to be very quiet (as are some top-loaders). Many can be stacked with a dryer to save floor space.

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Helpful Tips from the Experts at Paul’s Washer and Dryer Repair:

  • A common complaint from customers is about mold and odors developing in their front-loaders. Our Annual Product Reliability Survey found that 8 percent of front-loader problems were caused by mold or mildew. LG and Maytag front-loaders were slightly more susceptible than most brands surveyed.
  • Look for a stainless-steel or plastic tub. Unlike a porcelain drum, stainless or plastic won’t rust if it’s chipped. Stainless tubs can withstand higher spin speeds, which extract more water and speed up drying.

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